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7 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Music Stadium Stand Out

7 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Music Stadium Stand Out

Since covid, the performative industry has really taken off. After spending a full year not being able to head out, we were all desperate to finally experience live music. A lot of people were smart during this time and they invested in their own outdoor music venues and stadiums. If you were smart enough to do the same, here are 7 ways you can make your outdoor stadium stand out.

Offer Low Price Drinks

Offer low price drinks at your outdoor music stadium to encourage patrons to make repeat visits. Consider providing drinks such as water, soda, and beer at discounted prices compared to other venues to make your stadium stand out. Offer a variety of options to attract a wide audience, and make sure to have plenty of staff available to keep lines short and serve drinks quickly. There are too many stadiums out there with expensive drinks and it can be a big turn off for concert goers, so be sure that you do not fall into the same trap.

Hire Great Acts

When looking to hire great acts to perform at your outdoor music stadium, it is important to consider the type of music you are looking to feature, as well as the size of the acts. Research the local music scene in your area to get an idea of the types of acts that would be a great fit for your stadium. Additionally, look for acts with a larger following, as they will be more likely to fill your stadium and attract more people. Don’t forget to show some love to up and coming bands, as they often have a dedicated fan base.

Make Sure You Have Well Kept Grass

Having well-kept grass is essential to ensure a pleasant atmosphere and environment for your outdoor music stadium. To make sure your grass is always looking its best, regularly mow, aerate, water, and fertilize it. Additionally, it is important to spot treat any weeds that appear, as well as examine the pH balance of the soil and amend it if necessary. Finally, it is important to be conscious of the amount of shade and sun the grass receives, and adjust the watering and fertilization according to the exposure. If you are located in Australia, it can be easy for the grass to dry out and so I would suggest contacting an irrigation company Victoria BC to install a system for you.

Have a Medical Tent

Having a medical tent at your outdoor music stadium is an important way to keep your guests safe. This tent should be staffed with trained medical professionals who can respond quickly and effectively to any medical emergencies that may arise. It should be stocked with basic medical supplies and have a clear and visible sign so that guests can easily identify where to go for assistance. Additionally, the medical tent should be located near the main entrance of the stadium so that medical help is always within easy reach. Even if you don’t want them to, people will be using drugs at your event and so you should have a medical team ready to deal with them if they get into trouble.

Have Heated Areas For Cold Days

One way to make your outdoor music stadium stand out is to have heated areas for cold days. This could include dedicated tents and areas with heaters, keeping the concertgoers warm even when the weather turns cold. Additionally, providing warm drinks and snacks, such as hot chocolate and coffee, in these areas can also help keep concertgoers warm and make their experience more enjoyable.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Seating

Having plenty of seating is essential for any outdoor music stadium. Ensure that there is enough seating for the anticipated crowd, and consider providing additional seating for those who may arrive without one. Seating should be comfortable and allow for good visibility of the stage. Additionally, provide a variety of seating options, such as benches, chairs, and stools, so that individuals can choose the type that suits them best. Finally, make sure that the seating is placed in areas that are easily accessible and safe.

Have a Unique Look

Having a unique look is an important way to make your outdoor music stadium stand out. You should strive to create a distinct aesthetic that captures the attention of passersby and concert-goers alike. Think creatively and implement bold design elements, such as neon lighting, colorful backdrops, and eye-catching art installations, to make your outdoor music stadium a memorable experience. People love to be able to take pictures at events and if you have an impressive background for them to work on, then they will want to go to your stadium to just be able to capture some images.

Personalized Features That Spotify Offers Its Users

Personalized Features That Spotify Offers Its Users

These days, everyone has at least one music streaming platform on their phone where they can listen to all of their favorite songs while on the go. There are a few platforms that people use for streaming music. For example, people use Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music to listen to their music.

There has always been a lot of debate about which music platform is the best. Apple Music and Spotify tend to be the most popular music platforms and people that use the two have had a constant debate about what they believe to be the best platform.

A lot of people argue that Apple Music is the best due to the fact that it has a lot of music that you can access, while others tend to believe that Spotify is the best music app because of how catered to the customer it is.

If you are a Spotify user, you will know that the app goes out of its way to make the music that it recommends personal to you. There are a whole lot of features that you can find on the Spotify app that is personalized to you and a lot of people agree that these features make Spotify the best pick for a music streaming app.

If you are someone that has never used Spotify, then you may not know about all of the fantastic personalized features that Spotify has to offer. Here is a look at just some of the personalized features that Spotify offers its users.

On Repeat

One of the most used playlists that you can expect to find when you use the Spotify app is the On Repeat playlist. If you are listening to certain songs quite often, Spotify will take these songs and put them into one playlist.

This means that you have all of the songs that you regularly listen to in one place. It can be annoying when you want to listen to particular songs, but you have to get all of the different songs from other playlists.

Sometimes you may be listening to a song constantly from a random playlist when you are working out or doing work in general, and you don’t even know what the song’s name is. Spotify will put this song into a playlist for you and you will be able to listen to it whenever you look at the playlist.

This playlist makes using Spotify really useful, as you always have a playlist of all of the songs that you like in one place.

Decades Mixes

Personalized Features That Spotify Offers Its Users

Another fantastic personal feature that Spotify has to offer is the decade’s mixes. These mixes are a compilation of all of the songs that you regularly listen to from different decades.

Something that you will be more than aware of is that music from certain decades tends to have a certain style and feel to it. Sometimes you may be in the mood to listen to some music with a certain feel to it and this is when the decade playlists can be incredibly useful.

If you listen to music from a particular time, your Spotify will instantly make a playlist with songs that you like from this time, along with songs that are very similar to the music that you like, so you are able to discover new songs that you may not have heard of from this decade.

Your Yearly Playlist

Something that all Spotify users look forward to every year is the yearly playlist. At the end of the year, Spotify makes a playlist that is full of all of the different songs that you have listened to throughout the year. Spotify doesn’t just add every song that you have listened to throughout the year, they specifically add all of the music that you have listened to quite a lot.

It is likely that you go through a lot of music phases throughout the year, so you may have been obsessed with a particular band at the start of the year and then completely forgot about that band by the end of the year.

There is something really fun about being able to review what you have enjoyed throughout the year and you might be reminded of some of the music that you have forgotten that you liked this is a great way to relive some nostalgia of the songs that you have enjoyed.

It is Great For Artists

As well as having a lot of personalized features for listeners, Spotify also provides a lot of personalized features for their releasing artists. When you manage to get music on the platform, it is a real achievement and Spotify wants to congratulate its users on their success.

This means that if you have released music, you get a personalized round-up of how well this music is doing. For example, they will tell you exactly how successful your song has been and which countries have been listening to all of the songs you have released.

If you see your end-of-year review, you may notice that you are not getting as many listeners as you may want. If you notice this, you can always buy more Spotify followers (Spotify plays kaufen) and try and get more listeners. The more listeners you have, the more likely your songs are to appear in other playlists, which can increase your overall popularity on the Spotify app.

The Importance of Quality Headphones in the Editing Studio

If you are someone that works within the editing business, you will be more than aware of how some quality headphones can make or break the quality of your editing. Headphones are one of the most important pieces of kit that you could have as an editor, as editing via a speaker will often mean that you are disturbed by external background sound and will not be able to pick up all the audio within the actual recording. But does having quality headphones really matter, or will any pair do?


Why You Need Them

As previously stated, one of the main reasons that working without headphones doesn’t cut it is because you will be disturbed by background noise and you will not be able to hear all of the aspects of the video. Unless you are working in a perfectly silent area, you will still encounter this issue if you are using a mediocre set of headphones. Cheaper and lower quality headphones don’t block out external sounds as well as some higher quality headphones and so you may find yourself unable to differentiate between sounds happening in the real world and sounds from the video. Most high-quality headphones are noise-canceling, so you will only be able to hear the isolated audio from the video or song that you are editing. This will allow you to focus on the audio and will mean that your audio work will have the best possible quality.


Editors spend a lot of time sitting and editing videos and audio. Because of this, it is also important that the headphones that they are using are comfortable. There is nothing worse than spending hours editing, only to be left with sore ears. A lot of the cheaper and lower quality brands don’t think about this, so even if their audio quality is alright, the headphones themselves only cause pain. Some of the bigger brands really focus on ensuring their user’s comfort, offering to cushion that not only protects their user’s ears but also helps to buffer the sound.


Sound Quality

One of the main reasons that higher-quality headphones are better is due to the fact that they produce higher quality sound. Higher quality sounds will often lead to better results, as high-quality headphones can often pick up sounds that lower quality headphones cannot. This means that if the audio recording that you are working on has any distortion or background noises, you will be able to hear it clearly and fix it during the editing process.


Though higher quality headphones are undoubtedly the best option for any editor, a lot of people are hesitant to buy them due to the cost. It is a common misconception that you have to spend a lot of money in order to have quality audio, but that really isn’t the case. Be sure to learn about the different types of headphones available on the market right now, as you are bound to find a quality pair for a reasonable price.