The Famous That Musician Made his Start On Newgrounds

The word Newgrounds may seem alien to you and there is no wonder. Newgrounds is a content sharing platform that gives content creators the chance to share their games, art, and audio work with the world. This platform differs from most on the market due to the lack of limitations that it has. Due to the ability to put pretty much whatever you want onto the site, a lot of people have become extremely invested in the website. Due to the freedom over the content and lack of monetary pressure, a lot of creators are fast to put their work on the site and a lot of people have made big steps since.


You may have heard of the up and coming singer Fires. Fires have recently topped the billboards with his hit album ‘Rivers’ and shows no sign of slowing down his music production. He has been very open about how much of a struggle it was to get to his position and openly communicate with fans, offering them helpful tips on how to breakthrough in such a crowded industry.


Where He Started

Though Fires has been expressing himself vocally since he was a child, he didn’t start releasing his music until three years ago. Fires spent a lot of his teenage years online and met plenty of friends on online forums and Facebook groups. Some of these friends told him about Newgrounds, which was in the early stages of his development.


For Fires, the prospect of having a new platform to explore was exciting as the usual platforms that he frequented had started to get boring. He quickly became addicted to the site and would spend hours watching skits and playing his favorite game spin a dreidel.  As he spent more time on the site, he also started to make a lot of friends that he spoke to regularly.


Discovering His Talent

One night when in a voice call with some of the new friends that he had met in Newgrounds they started talking about their passions. Though Fires had never been very open about his singing abilities, he did feel comfortable enough with his new friends to share some of the songs that he had worked on over the years.


After hearing his music, his friends insisted that he got his work out there as they believed he really had talent.  However, he wasn’t sure where he would start or how he would even go about pursuing a music career. His friends of course suggested that he use the platform that they found each other.


The First Step

So Fires took the leap and decided to put himself out there. He uploaded his first song and waited for the response of his potential viewers. Newgrounds operates as quite a close-knit community and quickly Fires got hundreds of comments from people expressing their support.


Fires began a consistent upload schedule and were uploading a new song every week and slowly gained new followers every day. Among those followers was a talent scout named David Mars. Mars loved the content that Fires had been uploading and decided that he wanted to meet him in person.


Mars and Fires met and within the first ten minutes of their meeting, Mars had decided that he wanted to sign Fires to his label. Fires’ life changed almost overnight and within days he was in the studio recording his debut album.


Fires want to inspire people and let them know that with the right encouragement and friends, anyone can make it in the music industry.

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