Which Brands are Most Loved by Music Celebs

It is never a surprise to see famous, music celebrities wearing and using high-end expensive brands. Regardless of whether it’s the clothes that they wear, the cars that they buy or the phones they use, it’s something that they stay up to date with to ensure they have the best brands available. Whilst for many of us on an average salary, celebrities and particularly music celebs, make enough money to be able to afford whatever they want. Here we discuss what brands seem to be the most loved by music celebs.


One of the most famous high-end fashion brands in the world, it is not a surprise that it is the favorite amongst many celebrities in the music industry, whether they’re wearing Gucci slides or carrying a Gucci bag, they are going to catch the public’s attention with it.

Galle watches

Unsurprisingly these beautiful watches are a lot of music celebs’ favorite choice of wristwatch, thanks to the huge variety of styles available. Coming in styles suitable for men or women, you will likely see one on the arm of your favorite musician.

Apple iPhones

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, constantly releasing new versions of their products, most music celebs are likely going to be keeping up with what the new best phones available are.


Possibly best known for its fragrances, Chanel is worth $7 billion as a company and it is no surprise that they are one of the first choices of brands for celebrities.

Louis Vuitton

Another high-end clothing brand, this is again not a surprising addition to this list thanks to the high-quality products that they sell. It is not unlikely that you will see one of your favorite music celebs carrying a Louis Vuitton bag at the airport or just out and about.

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